We have recently set up a fully integrated edible oil complex in Lira; Uganda. We pride ourselves for being the largest edible oil manufacturing unit in both Uganda and Tanzania. Our crushing capacity is 100,000 Metric tons Per Annum.

In our endeavour to practice fair trade policies; we buy our oilseeds: Sunflower and Soya directly from the farmers. The Company has also started a backward integration project in the War affected areas of Northern Uganda, promoting contract farming of soybean, thus enabling small holder farmers to increase household incomes and fight poverty. Emboldened by the Farm gate market support, hard working farmers have increased soybean production from less than 5000 tons in 2009 to over 25000 tons in 2010. There is scope to enhance soybean production to 150,000 tons in the next couple of years, if well supported by the government.


The company is a leading manufacturer of sunflower edible oil with largest crushing facility in Tanzania. Our plant is totally integrated from seed crushing to oil refining. In the past six years, the manufacturing plant at Arusha has undergone substantial transformation with the installation of automated & modern machinery to improve productivity and quality. The quality of our product is proven by its acceptance in the European Market.


The present production facilities of the company are situated at three locations:

  • Themi Industrial Area, Njiro, Arusha.(Chemical and Physical Refinery)
  • Mbauda Plant – Arusha(Seed Crushing plant)
  • Singida Plant (Seed Crushing plant & Plastic Unit)


The main product of the Company is Sunflower edible oil, which is being marketed under following Brand: Goldy, Sunola and Floral. These are sold under different pack sizes. MMML was the first company in the country to introduce Pouch packing in 250gms, 500gms and 1 liter.

The by products of production are seed cake and seed husk which is used for animal feed and boiler fuel. These have good export demand and are in short supply.


A. Edible Oil

The potential demand for vegetable oil in Tanzania is estimated at about 250,000 Mt and it is expected to grow at 5% to 6% per annum.

There are three main sources of the supply of edible oil in the Country:

  • Oil produced commercially by oil Mills - Organized Sector.
  • Oil extracted in the villages in traditional manner.
  • Imported vegetable oil.

Today Mount Meru Millers Limited is one of the successfully running company in organized sector in Tanzania. We have not only survived but even kept a consistency in our growth. MMML has established its name for quality products. These products are offered in different sizes as customer-to-customer requirement may vary. The management has a special concern for lower section of the society and it has led to launch the Goldy into 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1-liter pouches.

1.) B. Seed Cake
The demand of seed cake depends on the requirement of the animal industry. The present demand of the seed cake is about 80,000 Mt in East Africa.

2.) C. Fuel
By-products like seed cake and husk are important and cheap source of energy for the industry and the Company is regular supplier of these products to local market.


In Arusha town we have 6 outlets owned by us selling our products. For covering Tanzanian market we have 8 dedicated mobile vans covering different regions. In our back office we have dedicated staff of a Manager and three offices assistant to provide efficient service to retail outlets and dealers.

Company also owns its fleet of vehicle. With a total of 31no’s – (14Trucks and Trailers, others 17) to ensure timely delivery of its products. This also strengthens our distribution network to far flung areas of the country including neighboring countries.


  • The company plans to double its oil crushing and refining capacity. This will be achieved by the building of the another plant. A Sterling press from England (Rosé down) and seed preparation equipment (Buhler) and seed crushing plant 300MTD have already been purchased.
  • MMML also intends to add another boiler with ability to use byproduct husk as fuel.
  • In 2008/9 the company intends to build a Silo with capacity of storing 5000 tons of seed. This will assist in the storage of large quantity of seasonal raw material ensuring continuous supply.
Mr. Nelson Mkabuta

Mr. Nelson Mkabuta is the Marketing and Procurement Manager. He is associated with us since last 9 years. He holds a degree in business education stage 1 Arusha.He has expert knowledge of the local seed market.

Mr. John Laizer

Mr. John Laizer is the Public relation Manager of the Company. He has worked with many institutions of the Tanzanian Government. His experience in the field of administration and manpower management is a great asset to the Company.