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Mount meru millers have their operations spread over Tanzania,Kenya and Uganda.
What we do:
We are manufacturers of quality soft edible oil procured from locally grown oilseeds like sunflower. Sunflower oil known for its high oleic contents & lower transfat value is a superior choice over Palm Oil which is imported into the country in large volumes. Sunflower oil with its high nutritional value not only provides for a healthy option but also empowers the local farmers and catalyses the economy of the country.

  • We are the only processors in the country equipped with a solvent plant. This plant helps in the extraction of oil from Cake. Earlier; the cake had to be exported to neighboring countries for the extraction of oil therefore our plant has contributed in providing value addition to the country.

The company is engaged in the production and marketing of sunflower seed  oil. Our products:  Floral,  Goldy  and  Sunola are synonymous with almost every household. These are sold under different pack sizes. MMML was the first company in the country to introduce Pouch packing in 250gms, 500gms and 1 liter.
We have been granted the status of an Export Processing Unit. Apart from the local markets, we are successfully exporting our oil to European markets. DOC which is a byproduct of the solvent extraction process is exported to Kenya and South Asian markets.
Currently, we have three production units in Tanzania:
Mbauda, Arusha:
At this location we have an Expeller oil Mill. This is used for crushing seed and obtaining crude oil. Crude oil/cake procured at this location is sent to the Njiro unit for further processing.
Njiro, Arusha:   
At this location we have a solvent extraction plant, refinery and packaging unit. The plant has recently undergone substantial transformation with the installation of automated & modern machinery to improve productivity and quality
Crude oil received from other plants is refined and quality edible oil is produced. At this location we also have the expertise and machinery to extract oil from cake.  
At this location we have an Oil Mill and Plastic Jerry can making unit. The solvent extraction plant is underway; at this location.  This location is the chief seed buying area for us and we buy directly from the farmers. As mentioned earlier; in line with our policy of fair trade we give  farmers a fair price for the oilseeds to further enable them to improve their yield. This in turn helps us achieve and maintain the superior quality of our edible oil; which we promise our customers. We accolade ourselves for empowering the lives of over 50,000 farmers annually.
Our total crushing capacity is 50,000 Metric Tons per annum. As per evaluation done recently; our fixed assets valuation crosses 25 Billion Tanzania Shillings.

1. Bunda
Managed by: Prakash   
Located at:
P.O.Box 299
Ukrewe road,bunda store,

We have oil mill with 150 TPD Capacity. We are doing Cotton Seed.
Brand Name - Bunda Fresh Fry and Bunda POA

In Bunda, MMML owns a oil mill ( cotton) with 150 TPD capacity. It is branded in the name of Bunda Fresh Fry and Bunda POA. This mill was acquired in Feb 2014 and production began in Dec 2013.
There is a soap making plant, which is sold locally, basic use of washing dishes.
Under the same umbrella we have a unit for plstic. It can make 10 ltr /20 ltr / 5 ltr / 2 ltr / 1.5 ltr jerrcan. 2. Igunga will be another paragraph

2. IIgunga
Cotton Ginnery

3. Shinyanga
Email Address:
Internally Whole sale
10 machine (OIL), 25Tonne/day 10 pakistan 8 t/day

4. Kahama
Rice Plant that was acquired in dec 2013. Capacity of 80tonne/day.

Brand: Kahama Fresh Rice.
: Mount Meru Seeds, Plot no. 8-13,
Transit Road,
P.O.Box 833
Managed by Gaurang Patel
+ 255 685330280

The potential demand for vegetable oil in Tanzania is estimated at about 250,000 Mt and it is expected to grow at 5% to 6% per annum.
There are three main sources of the supply of edible oil in the Country:
·  Oil produced commercially by oil Mills - Organized Sector.
·  Oil extracted in the villages in traditional manner.
·  Imported vegetable oil.
Today Mount Meru Millers Limited is one of the successfully running companies in the organized sector in Tanzania. The company has not only witnessed a steady growth in its manufacturing units but has endeavoured equally to improve its quality and quantity to meet the growing demands of its consumers.
Our products: Goldy and Sunola are synonymous with almost every household in the country. They are packaged in various sizes and graded qualities to meet the needs and budget of multiple consumers. Floral is our premium product.
Our distribution network is backed by an efficient and modern logistics fleet of over 32 trucks/ trailers. From a small tin shop in a remote village to a high end supermarket in the country; our products can be easily accessed. Our dedicated staff keeps the supply chain to both dealers and retail outlets running smoothly.

1)  The company plans to double its oil crushing and refining capacity. This will be achieved by the building of the another plant. A Sterling press from England (Rosé down) and seed      preparation equipment (Buhler) and seed crushing plant 300MTD have already been purchased. 
2)  MMML also intends to add another boiler with ability to use byproduct husk as fuel.
3)  In 2008/9 the company intends to build a Silo with capacity of storing 5000 tons of seed. This will assist in the storage of large quantity of seasonal raw material ensuring continuous      supply.

The Board of Directors comprise of all shareholders. Mount Meru Millers Limited is a professionally managed company. The company operates under dynamic leadership of Mr. Arvind Mittal and is supported by his team of managers. A brief description of their profile is being given below:

As a consummate politician of high repute, Mr. Kisumo reached the pinnacle of private sector after decades of successful political careers. He rose from the trade union background to become an inner circles cabinet minister in Tanzania's post-independence Government and regional Governor in several Regions. Long time policy maker in the ruling party's central and national committees he has also held several high flying positions in both public and private sector. He was Executive Chairman of Tanzania Port Authority, Tanganyika Planting co. Ltd, Tanzania coffee Board. He retired as Executive Chairman of Tanganyika Planting Company (TPC) to set up a string of successful business enterprises. He is currently Managing Director of Farm Equipments Limited. As A "Senior Citizen" in Tanzanian political scene, Kisumo is one of the trustees of the ruling party CCM and he is also Board Member for Commercial Bank of Africa Tanzania. As A “Senior Citizen” in Tanzanian political scene, Kisumo is one of the trustees of the ruling party CCM and he is also Board Member for Commercial Bank of Africa Tanzania.

Our day to day team members are : Adam, Amina, Franky, Baby, Hari, Raju, Ram, Mukul, Ashok, Sanjay, Gatrud, Rashidi, Hashimu, Osama, Michael, Laizer, Ibra, Hatumani, Steven.

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