Our History

The Mount Meru Group headquarters is located in Tanzania. It is one of the largest business groups in Northern Tanzania, known for its progressive outlook and professional approach. Established in 1978, the group has grown from a small trading enterprise to a leading player in Northern Tanzania in Petroleum Products, Edible Oil, Logistics and Animal Feed.

The Company’s main line of business has been import and distribution of petroleum products and branded cooking oil. Group activities are located in Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Uganda and Kenya. The group aims to be one of the largest and most successful business houses in East and Central Africa. The group is progressing well towards its mission. Mount Meru Group umbrellas 4 main companies:

Mount Meru Petroleum Ltd:

The Company’s main line of business has been distribution of petroleum and related products to its retail and wholesale customers.

Acer Petroleum (T) Ltd:

the principal objective of the company is importation and bulk distribution of Petroleum and other related products.

Mount Meru Millers Ltd:

The Company is a leading manufacturer of sunflower edible oil with the quality of our product proven by its acceptance in the European Market.

Mount Meru Logistics Ltd:

This is one of the largest transportation companies in Northern Tanzania with a wide network in Tanzania as well as in neighbouring countries.

Core Team

We at Mount Meru Group are glad to be associated with the Core team who assists us to improve, develop and overcome Business hurdles. Below is the synopsis of our core team.

Senior Management Employees:

Himanshu Shah: Group CEO – Zambia

Himanshu has been with Mount Meru Group since the last 9 years. He is been accredited with a Chartered Accountant’s degree from India having exceptional leadership quality and interpersonal skills. He has over than 15 years of experience into operating profit centers and has been very involved into incubation of new projects into FMCG, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas etc. He started Zambia operations with one petrol filling station 7 years ago, which today has turned out to 30 stations across Zambia worth more than US $ 70 Million.

His expertise and ideology in managing the business has helped the group on a large scale.

He also runs an edible oil manufacturing company in Zambia, which he started in the year 2012 with an initial investment of more than US $ 25 Million.

David Chaponda: Managing Director: Acer Infrastructure Ltd – Zambia

David is a Mechanical Engineer having his Post Degree education from Germany. He has vast experience in infrastructure engineering, industrial and commercial construction, architecture and so on. He has more than 30 years of experience and leads the infrastructure company, which is a part of Mount Meru Group.

He has in his past worked for many commercial projects in Zambia and overseas. Currently David undertakes all the infrastructural projects for Mount Meru Group of companies.

He has been the most important member responsible for the state of the art industrial designing of our edible oil factory constructed at Katuba, Zambia.

A L George: General Manager: Mount Meru Petroleum Ltd – Zambia

George is General Manager Sales & Marketing for Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia Ltd. He is an Indian with more than 17 years of African experience.

He has extra-ordinary interpersonal skills and his job includes customer relationship, marketing strategies, procurement and supply chain operations, trend analysis and reporting and business expansion.

Sarvesh Jain: Managing Director – Acer Petroleum Ltd, Tanzania

Sarvesh is a certified Electronic and Communication Engineer, which he completed in India. He has more than 25 years of experience into managing profit centers and has been successfully running Acer Petroleum Ltd, which is petroleum trading company based in Tanzania. He has been an important member with our group since more than a decade.

He is currently also building petrol stations in Tanzania with latest design and automated services which would add up to the petroleum retail outlets of the group.

Sanjeev Kohli: CEO – Mount Meru Millers Ltd, Uganda

Sanjeev is a certified Diploma holder in Textile Technology from India. He has more than 30 years of experience into project management, agri-manufacturing and trading industry, ginning industry, spinning industry and business development.

He has in his past worked for reputed textile industries and cotton ginneries. He has a vast international exposure handling the companies on senior management level out of which he has worked in Africa for more than 8 years.

Hardik Sheth: CEO – Mount Meru Petroleum Ltd, Rwanda

Hardik is a commerce graduate from India and has been working with Mount Meru Group since the last few years. He is currently handling the operations in Rwanda and has been successful since inception. He started with one retail station 2 years ago and today has successfully managed to run more than 5 retail outlets in Rwanda.

Tarak Bhagat: CEO – Mount Meru Petroleum Ltd, Malawi

Tarak is a commerce graduate from India and has more than 25 years of experience in oil and gas sector. He has worked for many reputed oil and gas companies in his past and has been in Africa since more than 10 years now.

Tarak’s intervention and efforts have been pivotal in the growth of Malawi operations. Malawi is our latest entrant into petroleum retail outlets and currently operating 7 stations in the country.

Vishal Sohal: Managing Director: Mount Meru Millers Ltd, Kenya

Vishal is a commerce graduate and has a vast experience into sales, marketing and business development. He also carries expertise of running operations and has been successfully running the Kenya office, which is a distribution segment for sales of edible oil, animal feed and other agri products for Mount Meru Millers. He has been with us since the last 6 years and has been a very important member of the success story.

Paritosh Kukrety: Group Finance Director (Global)

Paritosh is a qualified Chartered Accountant certified from India and carries a lot of experience into finance and strategy. He has over more than 30 years of experience and has been a pivotal member of our group. He has worked in Africa for more than 10 years and continues to furnish the group companies with guidance and expertise related to finance management, investment analytics, audits and strategy. He excels in project finance analysis and has been a very strong pillar into the development structure of Mount Meru Group.

He has worked in Pharma, Telecommunication and Petroleum industries at a very senior level.

His gamut of experience includes corporate business planning, funding, new project identification and development.

Geetraj Singh: Group Head – Organization Development (Global)

Geetraj is a certified Business Psychologist, which he completed at Management Development Institute, Singapore. He has completed his Post Graduation (MBA) into Organization Development and Human Resource from India. He has more than 12 years of experience into the same field and has worked for reputed Multi-National Companies in his past. He contributes into the field of up scaling the current systems, policies and process mapping by various organization development interventions. He is a certified Master Coach Trainer for MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), which is a study of psychological behavior. He is currently also pursuing his research on PhD from the University of Oxford- United Kingdom.

Geetraj has worked with financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, retail chain and various business sectors in his past.